Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I was playing GTA today as usual. The bridge between San Fierro and Las Ventura just opened up. The last time I played GTA, I just followed the storyline, progressing the game. It was late into the game that I found out that there's a tank in Area 69.

So this time, as soon as the bridge is opened, I went directly to Area 69 to grab myself a tank. For some reason, the tank is not there. So how the hell am I gonna get off this desert with 5-stars worth of authority chasing over my ass? At first I thought I should grab a chopper but it'll probably just gunned down by the anti-air guns. So I grabbed a barrack truck, which is slow as an ass but tough enough to get me to San Fierro.

Once I removed all the wanted level, I went on and stole an FBI car that was chasing me before. I got 1 star, so I figured I'd just drive around the town until the wanted level is gone.

Then I thought I'd take a screenshot of the beatdown FBI car that I was driving. BIG MISTAKE. With my right hand holding the mouse, trying to get a good angle, and my left hand is getting ready to take a screenshot, a cop came from my blindspot and freaking arrested me. Right in front of my goddamn safehouse. And I didn't even save the game yet. At the moment as shown in the screenshot, I still haven't realised that the cop is right by the door. Damn.... There goes another 20k of cash, buying back all my weapons.

The moral of the story is: Save the game, dumbass. Then you don't have to go screaming, waking up the neighbourhood at 1 a.m.

Looking for Batmobile, have to settle for KITT

CJ's Last Supper

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Aging wonderfully

There are certain games throughout our life that won't get old, no matter how many times we play it. I myself had finished KotOR for at least seven times and back in the days, memorized everything about Suikoden II and the original Final Fantasy Tactics. DeKach knows everything there is need to know about Morrowind and Oblivion. On the other hand, Array played Chrono Cross at least five times the last time I checked and God knows how many times he had finished any of the KOFs. Edz is so deep into WoW that sometimes he spoke orcish (plus, he is an orc). Finally, Ariza knows everything about Paul Phoenix and ONLY Paul Phoenix. Once you know his pattern, pwning Ariza in Tekken is a piece of cake.

A few days ago, I started playing San Andreas again, aiming for 100% this time. At first I was planning on finishing the game as fat CJ but then once I maxed out his muscle, he no longer looks fat.

I have been playing until San Fierro and these are some screenshot I took during the course of the game. More will come soon. Oh, and get ready to hear me bitch about the mandatory airplane mission.

Fat CJ at the beginning of the game.

Once I had maxed out his muscle and stamina, he no longer looks fat.

Funny story. I knocked down a motorcycle and tried to stole it. The passanger and I tried to take the bike at the same time. The result? I had to carry the bitch all around San Fierro until I get off the bike.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Give it a kick

When you say football, the first thing a gamer would think off is FIFA (the game) by EA SPORTS. Some would prefer Winning Eleven but for me playing a team named Manchester United is much cooler than playing a team named Man Red.

FIFA 07 is the latest football game from EA SPORTS hence its 14th title from the FIFA series. If you would like to try the demo, so you can download it here. Otherwise, you could wait for another 2 weeks to buy the game.

I wanted to try the demo with my gaming PC, but when I read the requirements, “GeForce MX is not supported” “Aww… damn…” Luckily, I still have my work laptop (Core with ATI). The bad news is, my gamepad couldn’t be recognized by the laptop. SO I have to play FIFA, old school.

Like most games, the first thing you look into a game is its graphics. FIFA 07 doesn’t shine that much. It is still with its ‘watercolor’ image, and the UI is pretty much the same with its predecessor. Realistic player movement? Yes, except the celebrating goals part.

Something must have gone wrong during the motion capture process because the players who were celebrating goals were as stiff as Peter Crouch (no offense Liverpool). Its game play however is something I really enjoy. I reckon they learn something from FIFA World Cup 2006 as the match was really hasty, ingenious and ‘smart’. Too bad I was using the keyboard and unable to prevent the ongoing massacre by Messi and Ronnie. I was using Man Utd and I was getting pawned 2-0 by Barcelona. But still I was proud with the match. Now I can’t wait to get the full game to play the FULL match as the demo only allows you to play until halftime.

Image Hosted by

If you are a fan of FIFA series, then you shouldn’t miss this. Well, it’s either this or Winning Eleven (or Sensible Soccer, perhaps?).

Btw Malaysians, you can pre-order this at The Software Boutique. The pre-order price is RM79.00, so you'll save........ RM40 (i hate maths..) Pre-order ends 26th September, so hurry now.

Release Date: 3rd October (Malaysia)
Minumum System Requirement:
1.3 GHz
256 Megabytes of RAM (512 MB recommended)
DirectX 9.0c Compatible 3D accelerated 64 MB video card or equivalent (except GEFORCE MX)
(Approx.) 1 GB free hard disk space
DirectX 9.0c Compatible Sound Card
MS compatible mouse
Please note that 16 bit colour is not supported

Required Operating Systems:
Windows XP SP2 or Windows 2000 SP4
Note that Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME and Windows NT 4.0 are not supported.

Required Software:
DirectX 9.0c

Monday, September 18, 2006

Have you..?

Have you guys played King Of Fighters XI before? Basically, it can be considered as KOF 2004, it's just that they felt like using numeral indicator instead of a year-to-year basis(i wonder if this is permanent). The series started back in 1994 hence, the KOF XI is the 11th(xi) release of the KOF series.

I first started play the game approximately 2 months ago, though i've seen it in the arcades for like a few weeks earlier than i first started playing. Why? Just wondering if it was one of the illegal version that was being edited by some pathetic untalented group of individuals just like the ones titled 'Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon', 'KOF 2002 PLUS', 'KOF 2002 MAGIC PLUS', 'KOF 10th Anniversary (UNIQUE)'....and the list goes on (not forgetting those PC-Versions~Shermie & Mai without even a piece of cloth covering their body...Geeez! What were they thinking?). But at least it shows that most people are more interested with the KOF series over other series(hahaha...SF is dead!), though in this a rather negative manner.

What has always been the 'X'-factor of the KOF series is the UNIQUE(Ryu & Ken..? Nahh!) set of new(even the old ones..) characters & the new gameplay mechanics that are being introduced on their new releases. The gameplay mechanics never fail to impress numerous players throughout the world(that includes me, yeah..!) though i have to admit that some are kinda over the 'line'. Such as...? KOF 2000.....strikers anywhere, anytime! Whew! I'd call 'em broken if they were Magic cards(hahaha...!).

For your information, KOF XI is not the latest of the series, it was KOF Maximum Impact 2(if i'm not mistaken...hehehe!). The sequel to the KOF MI kicks!(damn! even 3D is good when it comes to KOF). However, in my humble opinion, KOF XI kicks harder!(ouuchhh..!) So if you have not get your hands on it, try it...NOW!

You'll WORSHIP it.... =)

RealLife, anyone?

You are an avid gamer? Hardcore gamer maybe? PC gamer? Console gamer? Do you play Magic The Gathering? Or did you? Have you ever played pen and paper Dungeons & Dragons? Were your life evolved on words like RPG, combat, simulation, adventure or any gaming jargons of today? And stil are? Well, if you are all this and more, you would like RealLife. It's a comic created by Greg Dean loosely based on his everyday life and friends. Here's a taste of it:

Read his work here:

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Top 10 Hottest pixel chicks and polygon babes

All over the place, there are different list of video game babes. So we at Gamer Malaya made our own list right here. Now maybe some of you are wondering why some babes didn’t make it. Well the rule is that we chose only one character from each series. My original list has four KOF chicks. Plus, we kinda cut down the total number of chicks from fighting game. That’s why there’s no street fighter chicks here.

Also, I’m not a big fan of Lara Croft. She’s just in the list because Edz insisted. I considered putting Brooke Burke in the list since she was in NFS but Edz said putting a picture from playboy is too controversial for a Malaysian blog.

So here is our list:

1 - Vanessa – King of Fighters

2 - Ivy – Soul Calibur

3 - Morrigan – Dark Stalkers

4 - Princess Farah – Prince of Persia

5 - Lara Croft – Tomb Raider

6 - Tina Armstrong – Dead or Alive

7 - Tifa Lockhart – Final Fantasy VII

8 - Christie Monteiro – Tekken

9 - Bastila Shan – Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

10 - Sialeeds – Suikoden V