Sunday, September 24, 2006

Aging wonderfully

There are certain games throughout our life that won't get old, no matter how many times we play it. I myself had finished KotOR for at least seven times and back in the days, memorized everything about Suikoden II and the original Final Fantasy Tactics. DeKach knows everything there is need to know about Morrowind and Oblivion. On the other hand, Array played Chrono Cross at least five times the last time I checked and God knows how many times he had finished any of the KOFs. Edz is so deep into WoW that sometimes he spoke orcish (plus, he is an orc). Finally, Ariza knows everything about Paul Phoenix and ONLY Paul Phoenix. Once you know his pattern, pwning Ariza in Tekken is a piece of cake.

A few days ago, I started playing San Andreas again, aiming for 100% this time. At first I was planning on finishing the game as fat CJ but then once I maxed out his muscle, he no longer looks fat.

I have been playing until San Fierro and these are some screenshot I took during the course of the game. More will come soon. Oh, and get ready to hear me bitch about the mandatory airplane mission.

Fat CJ at the beginning of the game.

Once I had maxed out his muscle and stamina, he no longer looks fat.

Funny story. I knocked down a motorcycle and tried to stole it. The passanger and I tried to take the bike at the same time. The result? I had to carry the bitch all around San Fierro until I get off the bike.


Game Master said...

[orcish]kek maza uruk ogg...
*switch to common..
whoops~ i'm not an orc. im a blood elf paladin. i need to know orcish to maintain good relationship with the orcs(whatever!)
Replayabilty and open-ended gameplay are the key words here. RPG such as KotoR makes you want to play the game again and again just for you to get a different ending or different alignment (or whatever ur fetish is..) Perhaps one day, your options would be limitless, leaving you addicted to the same game for a few years (or decades).

rexxdelarocha said...

Nostalgia also plays part. You will always remember your first game, 1st rpg, 1st fps, etc

That's why people still plays mario whenever you handed one to them. Or tetris. I myself just played Shining Force 2 a couple month ago. The game that takes away my rpg virginity.

Array, Luminous Mauve Flame Caster said...

finished Chrono Cross 5 times, Rexx? i think 9 would fit in better...hahaha! :p~