Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I was playing GTA today as usual. The bridge between San Fierro and Las Ventura just opened up. The last time I played GTA, I just followed the storyline, progressing the game. It was late into the game that I found out that there's a tank in Area 69.

So this time, as soon as the bridge is opened, I went directly to Area 69 to grab myself a tank. For some reason, the tank is not there. So how the hell am I gonna get off this desert with 5-stars worth of authority chasing over my ass? At first I thought I should grab a chopper but it'll probably just gunned down by the anti-air guns. So I grabbed a barrack truck, which is slow as an ass but tough enough to get me to San Fierro.

Once I removed all the wanted level, I went on and stole an FBI car that was chasing me before. I got 1 star, so I figured I'd just drive around the town until the wanted level is gone.

Then I thought I'd take a screenshot of the beatdown FBI car that I was driving. BIG MISTAKE. With my right hand holding the mouse, trying to get a good angle, and my left hand is getting ready to take a screenshot, a cop came from my blindspot and freaking arrested me. Right in front of my goddamn safehouse. And I didn't even save the game yet. At the moment as shown in the screenshot, I still haven't realised that the cop is right by the door. Damn.... There goes another 20k of cash, buying back all my weapons.

The moral of the story is: Save the game, dumbass. Then you don't have to go screaming, waking up the neighbourhood at 1 a.m.

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rexxdelarocha said...

Something to add here. I just finished the mandatory learn to fly an airplane mission. Under one hour.

That's right. The same mission that made me gave up on GTA on my first attempt. The same mission that cost me 6 hours to finish on my second attempt. Now I finished it under one hour.

Game Master said...

mandatory learn to fly an airplane mission = evil!!!

rexxdelarocha said...

Used to be evil. Now I pwned evil.

Oh, and I am exaggerated on my previous comment. It was just three hours instead of six.