Monday, September 18, 2006

Have you..?

Have you guys played King Of Fighters XI before? Basically, it can be considered as KOF 2004, it's just that they felt like using numeral indicator instead of a year-to-year basis(i wonder if this is permanent). The series started back in 1994 hence, the KOF XI is the 11th(xi) release of the KOF series.

I first started play the game approximately 2 months ago, though i've seen it in the arcades for like a few weeks earlier than i first started playing. Why? Just wondering if it was one of the illegal version that was being edited by some pathetic untalented group of individuals just like the ones titled 'Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon', 'KOF 2002 PLUS', 'KOF 2002 MAGIC PLUS', 'KOF 10th Anniversary (UNIQUE)'....and the list goes on (not forgetting those PC-Versions~Shermie & Mai without even a piece of cloth covering their body...Geeez! What were they thinking?). But at least it shows that most people are more interested with the KOF series over other series(hahaha...SF is dead!), though in this a rather negative manner.

What has always been the 'X'-factor of the KOF series is the UNIQUE(Ryu & Ken..? Nahh!) set of new(even the old ones..) characters & the new gameplay mechanics that are being introduced on their new releases. The gameplay mechanics never fail to impress numerous players throughout the world(that includes me, yeah..!) though i have to admit that some are kinda over the 'line'. Such as...? KOF 2000.....strikers anywhere, anytime! Whew! I'd call 'em broken if they were Magic cards(hahaha...!).

For your information, KOF XI is not the latest of the series, it was KOF Maximum Impact 2(if i'm not mistaken...hehehe!). The sequel to the KOF MI kicks!(damn! even 3D is good when it comes to KOF). However, in my humble opinion, KOF XI kicks harder!(ouuchhh..!) So if you have not get your hands on it, try it...NOW!

You'll WORSHIP it.... =)


rexxdelarocha said...

KOF is not accessible to everybody. Only those with lightning quick reflexes can master the game.

If anyone goes to any arcades in KL, if you see the top scorer with initial AMR, chances are, it's Array. :P

Game Master said...

lol.. so true.. i'd let go of the joystick when Array started his chain of combos.

Anonymous said...

Geez! Cool! Thanx fer ya info mate! I'm on my way to get my hands on it for my ps2(argh! who cares if it's in Japanese....) hahaha! =)

Doughlicious Cafe said...
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Doughlicious Cafe said...

unfortunately I sucks at all these fighting games. never finished even one. good luck to who's playing though.