Monday, September 18, 2006

RealLife, anyone?

You are an avid gamer? Hardcore gamer maybe? PC gamer? Console gamer? Do you play Magic The Gathering? Or did you? Have you ever played pen and paper Dungeons & Dragons? Were your life evolved on words like RPG, combat, simulation, adventure or any gaming jargons of today? And stil are? Well, if you are all this and more, you would like RealLife. It's a comic created by Greg Dean loosely based on his everyday life and friends. Here's a taste of it:

Read his work here:


rexxdelarocha said...

The character Greg's UO addiction resembles Ed's WoW addiction. :P

Doughlicious Cafe said...

bila ko kata camtu mmg nampak cam serupa...hmmm...damn, aku dpt bayangkan kalo aku ada rm60 sebulan aku pon jd camtu...damn, bila dpt merasa main wow official nih...cis

rexxdelarocha said...

Maybe if burning crusade kuar nanti aku main kot. :P Damn. Too many games. So little time.