Sunday, October 15, 2006

Football Manager 2007

What’s up sports fan? Err… I dunno if this should be categorized as a sport game but it is football, and it is about football management. Since Eidos and Sports Interactive split up in 2004, both have come up with their own version of football management simulation, Championship Manager (CM) and Football Manager (FM).

I received CM (07) demo a week ago, along with FM07. To tell you the truth, only FM07 get me hooked, I just played CM for a day and uninstall it. Sure, CM has fancy graphics now, 3D-like match generation (can’t beat FIFA though) but if you want in depth tactics and game play, FM07 is clearly the winner here. The last time I played FM was almost a year ago. Seems like WoW kept me busy at most times and I can’t seem to remember to play any other games.

Just like every FM, it has a complete database of players, clubs, and countries around the world (yes, you can manage a Malaysian Club, but why would you?). The new FM has a more in depth info, including player’s picture, club’s logo, club’s home and away jerseys, and you can even upload your own photo as a manager.

It seems that I have left FM for too long as I kept losing the easy matches. However, the new features like “Quick tactics” and “Team talks” is something I see as quite refreshing as you have to keep your team moral up before, after and even during the game. You can also deploy “The waiting game” tactic, something that I really really despise. But as long as it is legal in football, it is legal in the game.

There’s a lot for me to explore in the game, such as training, scouting, psychological battle with other managers. Man, I haven’t tried the multiplayer yet. Feel free to browse the screenshots I took.

Look! It's me. Wow, that's a lot of info. Quick tactics, quick comeback..

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