Saturday, October 14, 2006

Magic Day Revisited

It’s been almost three years since we last played Magic. Many things have changed since the last time we were active. Two new base set – or did they call it core set now – had been released. Rules have been changing left and right. Old abilities have new keywords. The price of Black Lotus had skyrocketed to more than $1,400 USD. Painlands got phased out before being reprinted again. Legend is no longer a creature type now but human is. No more Counterspell or Birds of Paradise but Wrath of God stays. Also, apparently now they started to print some planeswalkers as creature cards. One thing that never change is that those damn goblins just keep on breeding.

So after years away from Magic world, yesterday me, Ed, Array, and another guy named Azrul got together and played Magic for almost nine hours. Right after the Time Spiral expansion was released which included some “timeshifted” cards. Timeshift cards are old cards that were reprinted in their original design (sans the original expansion symbol) which are all the cards that we are familiar with since we stopped playing during Onslaught block. It could also be said that we ourselves were timeshifted.

And for some reason, Lady Luck must really love me yesterday. Out of five boosters I bought, three of them forked out some of my favourite cards of the timeshifted cards – The Rack, Nicol Bolas, and Avatar of Woe. I like The Rack simply because I never had one before. Nicol Bolas is my favourite elder dragon while Avatar of Woe is just the best and probably the only playable avatar out of all avatars.

We also discovered a new multiplayer rule. Team play where any non-mana effect that includes the word “you” will affects the whole team. This makes cards like Noble Purpose or Propaganda totally broken.

We might probably make a weekly gathering from this point onwards. Once we gathered all the old gang, friday night is gonna be an eight-player multiplayer magic night. Ah, hell. Just what I need. Another distraction to fit into my busy schedule of November.

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