Thursday, November 02, 2006

Make Mine Marvel

It's been a week since the released of Marvel Ultimate Alliance. For those who are familiar with X-Men Legends series, this game is basically the same but with larger cast from all over the Marvel Universe. If you like Legends series, you'll like this game. For those who never play Legends before, now is the time to start playing. It's an easy hack-n-slash RPG. Plus, Deadpool is playable from the begining.

Now with bigger roster, I can finally play using characters outside of X-Men. Oh, and did I mentioned Deadpool? Now I can make my team Badass using Deadpool, Ghost Rider, Wolverine, and Blade. If Gambit is playable, I would have replaced Wolverine with the cajun. Hell, I would even prefer Nightcrawler over Wolverine. Oh, and no villain is playable. So that means no Venom.

New to the series (or at least I think it's new) is that each different costume grants different attributes at a cost of some cash. Which means that Spidey's classic suit and his symbiote suit carries different advantages.

You'll fight through dozens of villains through different familiar locations all over Marvel Universe from China, to Mephisto's Lair, to Asgard. The story begins with an air attack masterminded by Dr Doom on SHIELD at which point Nick Fury then summoned Thor, Wolvie, Spidey, and Cap to repel the attackers. Then for the rest of the game, you'll go from one location to another in order to foil the plans of Dr Doom and his gathering of villains with plots taking straight right off the Comic 101.

All things said, Marvel Ultimate Alliance is a good superhero game but certainly not the best (that honor goes to Freedom Force). Although the game is short, you'll enjoy it while it last. Plus, it got Deadpool.

Team Badass

One of the minigames that you have to play when you are trapped in the Murderworld