Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Comics Corner Xmas Tourney

This past Sunday, Comics Corner held a Type 2 tournament at the Subang Jaya Tournament Centre. Three of the Gamer Malaya guys (plus another guy who’s not part of GM but is in our playgroup) entered the tournament. Each of us piloted different decks. K’ piloted Scryb-Force, Azrulxp piloted Dragonstorm, while I myself piloted a rogue deck that revolved around Life from the Loam and Stormbind which are known as Land.dec. The other guy, Is, used a Boros deck.

About 56 participants entered and after six rounds of Swiss, here are our standings:
Is: 9th place. 4 wins, 1 draw, 1 lose

Rexxdelarocha: 26th place. 3 wins, 3 loses

Azrulxp: 28th place. 2 wins, 1 draw, 3 loses

K’: ?? (dude, fill me in)

What a day that was for me. I was fearing Dragonstorm but ended up facing 3 Trons. All of them the TriskeTron version.

In my first match, I lost 2-0 to TriskeTron. In the first game, he managed to recycle his Triskelavus with Academy Ruin every turn to the point that I will die to library death. In the second game, I lost because he drew a godhand.

2nd match. Another TriskeTron. I won the first game although it took me more than 30 minutes to beat the guy. On the 2nd game, he managed to remove 2 of my Life from the Loams, crippling my deck. Not to mention that he locked my Urza’s Factory with Faith Fetter’s AND Commandeered my Stormbind. Luckily I was saved by the time limit.

3rd match. Vs W/B Aggro. Finally, no counterspells to deny my deck. I won 2-0. On game 1, I Stormbind-Loam him to death. Second game, he mulliganed once and decided to keep his hand of 1 land. On 4th turn, he scooped up with only one land in play.

4th match. Against Solar Flare. To my surprise, the guy knew my deck. Every single part of it. He even knew different version of the deck. In the first game, his Angel of Despair and Akroma knocked my life below 10. Luckily I topdecked a Wrath of God to clear the table. Unluckily, he topdecked another Akroma which I cannot kill since I got only Stormbind in play and 2 Lightning Helix in hand which Akroma is protected against. Here’s how second game goes: His 3rd turn – Compulsive Research, ditching Akroma and Angel of Despair. 4th turn Dread Return, bringing Despair, killing my Stormbind. Next turn, he Return an Akroma and swing for 11. I topdecked a Wrath of God and Faith Fetter’s the following turns but in the end, I was raped by another Angel of Despair.

5th match. A Boros deck that was heavy on burn spells and filled his hand quickly with Howling Mine. I was quickly burned on game 1. On game 2, I got a COP:Red on my opening hand. With the help of his Howling Mine, I managed to Stormbind for 8 each turn. Game 3 was pretty much like game 2 but instead of COP:Red, I casted a Story Circle.


6th match. Another Tron. Lost game 1 to buybacked Spell Burst with more than enough mana to cast it three times a turn. On game 2, I managed to lock his mana with Loamed Ghost Quarters for 6-7 turns and burning him with Stormbind for 2-4 every turn but suddenly he Commandeered my LftL and completed his Tron. Next he drop a COP:Red which I managed to lock with Fetter’s but then he dropped another COP. He then accumulated his manabase that it is enough to stop an army of goblins. I then realised that the only way to kill him is with token creatures. He was at about 4 life and can recycled Triskelavus every turn. With the tokens that I generated, I can only score 1-2 damage every 3 turns. Then he hit a Jester’s Cap and started to kill my library. With Academy Ruin in play, I have no choice but to concede.

That was my day. The other guys have to post their own post regarding the tourney.

Is shuffling his deck

Rexxdelarocha. Game 2, Match 2. Right before we reached the time limit

K' vs Wai Seng. Scryb-Force vs MartyrTron

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Match 5 = I'm Gay....Don't Hate Me

Match 6 = Owh! You're Gay...I Hate You


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