Friday, February 16, 2007

A trip to Zul'Aman

I was bored as hell so I took a stroll in Ghostland, looking for low level elite to kill and hoping it will drop something shiny for my alt(s). Instead I found my self lost to the east of the Blood Elf land, in a place call Zul’Aman. I found an inactive meeting stone, meaning there should be a dungeon nearby. And there was, blocked by a large wooden door.

Meeting Stone - a device to summon people

Knock Knock. Who's there?

I lookup for some information about the place and found out it is a dungeon scheduled for Burning Crusade. But as usual, Burning Crusade isn’t a finish product. If it was, the next expansion will be out by then.
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According to history, a long time ago, the forest trolls controlled a large section of northern Lordaeron called Zul'Aman. But then came the human and the high elves banded together and push back the savage troll into the area of what we call Zul’Aman now. After the invasion of the scourge, the Amani trolls have retaliated to take back of what that use to be their land.
Rumors said that Zul’Aman will be a 25 man raid instance. Just like its brethrens, Zul Farak and Zul Gurub, this place is fully inhabited with trolls and Zul’Aman is led by Jin’zakk. My guess is this would be a level 70 dungeon as there’s no way in hell low levels (alliance) would reach Quel’thalas through the Eastern Plagueland.
As for the Amani trolls, this is how they look like.
Amani Troll
Pretty hot huh? (No offense Sharifah Amani, just a joke there). Click here to see what a REAL Amani troll looks like.


Anonymous said...

Owh! Macam ni ah rupanya muka 'Amani Troll' yang x reti cakap bahasa melayu tu yek? She's a troll after all...whaddaya expect Rais Yatim? Hahahahaha! :p~

Anonymous said...

troll pun troll lah.. hawt siot..

Doughlicious Cafe said...

nice work done on changing amani melayu to amani trolls :). bosan siot tgh bercuti dr wow nih, so aku kembali kepada warcraft3 dgn diablo2 kejap. aku dgr dlm instance tu nnt ada zul'jin; hero troll dr warcraft2...

Ed Numloque said...

yup. bosan2 ni aku buat amani troll. zul aman x open lagi, maybe dia release black temple dulu. mamat2 ni x sabar nak bunuh illidan.
downtime ni pun aku tgh layan WC3 dgn Frozen Throne.