Thursday, March 01, 2007

Keyboards, For The Win

Does it matter? How fancy your keyboard lit up in the dark? How fast your mouse click per second? How sensitive your analog stick is? It is all up to you actually, whether you are a hardcore gamer, who mashes combo and execute them beautifully, or a casual gamer, who plays all kind of games that you can find in your free time.

Just like sports, an enthusiast gamer chooses the best equipment he can find. For games like FIFA or Winning Eleven, some might prefer keyboard rather than using the all-popular gamepad. But do you know that your standard keyboard doesn’t allow more than 3 buttons pressed at the same time. So imagine if you want to execute a fake-pass-dribble-360turn while running in a diagonal direction, this might be frustrating for some users.

As for me, what I like the most is having extra buttons so I can bind them to some Spells while playing World of Warcraft. Using my standard keyboard, I have to bind them with Ctrl and Shift. Imagine if you have 18 extra buttons on your keyboard, and you can assign any macro to them. No more Ctrl/Shift to anything.

Some people say a backlit keyboard is such a chick magnet. When the light goes out, your keyboard will be the only thing that lit for the “romantic” occasion. For me, I like to type in the dark, so the backlit buttons is such an advantage. But if it light up too much, it will cause some discomfort for my eyes.

There are a lot of gaming keyboards in the market. For example, the Saitek Eclipse Keyboard or the Logitech G15 Keyboard. There are even Microsoft gaming keyboards for those “Bill Gates fan boys”. Whichever you choose, be sure you have the right one.


Doughlicious Cafe said...

Me? RM15 keyboard. Run around Lowyat searching for under Rm20 optical mouse. There, I'm set for a whole year or two of gaming...

PS-But frankly if you have the money to buy a good keyboard or mouse or even joystick, why not? At Gamer Malaya, we understand your passion for gaming :)

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