Monday, April 16, 2007

Things I wanna bitch about Jade Empire

Screenshots will be added at later time (if I feel like it)

1. Bad camera angle. I just hate it when I backed away from the mobs and the camera went mad. Also happened sometimes whenever you load the game. I can't do one (side-)quest because the camera gave me weird angle and my character can't move.

2. Only one henchman at a time. Come on. Just make it two like KotOR.

3. Too short. The game is too short. Shorter than the first KotOR.

Otherwise, it's a damn good game.


Ed Numloque said...

Hurm, i thought i was reading 2005 archives or something. Oh well, it's a good game, well done mate!! Now, where's that NWN2 review....

g1vmicbf9a said...

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