Thursday, May 24, 2007

I got a Disease

Holy hell. I just installed back KotOR. Stopping to play KotOR is like quit smoking to me. Both are impossible to do. I need a shrink.

At least playing KotOR doesn't cost me as much money as smoking. Wait a minute. It does. Since I smoke whenever I play a game. Plus, I'm gonna be needing lots of Red Bulls or 100 Plus for a gaming marathon.

I mean, what the hell there is left for me to do in KotOR? I've done everything there is to do in this game. KotOR is officially the game that I played the most. Owh, I was talking about the first KotOR, not KotOR II.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hell, it's about 1-2 years more...

Damn, I've bloody waited like 2000++ years(well, if you magnified 1 year to 200 years you'll get the picture) to know the continuation of Starcraft and only now or a year from now or whenever Blizzard feels like it will I know what happened to the star war that I cared more than Star Wars. Names like Jim Raynor(the face reminded me of a friend), Sarah Kerrigan(hot chick with attitudes and voice you'll go crazy about), Tassadar(the voice that can totally replace the guy who voiced Optimus Prime in Transformers), Fenix(twice lived, really died the third time) and all the others revoked old memories of youth and RTS madness.

I was young and foolish at that time, fighting political battles and struggled against the greatest menace of a secondary school student; SPM. Playing Starcraft was like breathing fresh air, instead of the usual two faction that you can play in any RTS title of that time (count out Warwinds in that), the game offered three and each of the faction got distinctive playing styles so everytime you finished up a faction-specific campaign you won't feel as same playing the others.

So far, the Blizzard website just showed some units and a building of the Protoss so more will come later. It seems the curse of LOTC(Lord of the Clan) has strike again, Blizzard apparently sacrificed Starcraft: Ghost(purely speculation, please correct me) to continue with an RTS Starcraft(I felt sorry those poor console-playing bastards :|) or someone has been really praying hard for PC gaming...

Sins of a gamer shalt not suffer unto the Siblings...(Another confession from a not-so-hardcore gamer)

Forgive me father for I too, have sinned. I didn't put my best effort in upgrading my characters in WoW the last two months because I couldn't get my mind out of something not in the gaming world. I didn't continue TLJ: Dreamfall for more than 2 weeks now because I decided to take my own sweet time to try and finish up the puzzles. I let my brother finishes up all the missions in Counterstrike: Zero Hour after playing only 3 from 9. Again, forgive me for not having the desire to play HOMM 5 and instead let my siblings play the campaigns. Forgive me also for I have lost all the desire to upgrade my PC to the latest gadgets and software because I felt that I won't do any serious gaming, not until I got a better job or improved my financial situation. Forgive me my dear god, and give me the strength in mind and spirit so that I won't forget that I too, have enjoyed gaming and may the resurgence of Starcraft 2 invoke the RTS madness that I once behold...

P.S- Hell, it's about time...

Friday, May 18, 2007

If real people is a magic card

By real people, I mean TV characters.

I'll just write the abilities and descriptions of the cards. I'll photoshop the cards later (Yeah right).

Sylar (Heroes) 2UBBB
Legendary Creature - Cannibal
2UB, Tap: Remove target creature from the game.
Sylar has the abilities of all cards removed from the game by Sylar.
No question here. Sylar is black and blue. He is a black creature since it fits his characteristics. Such as his desire for power, ambition, corruption, and greed. The blue part represents his manipulation and trickery. The copy abilities represents his ability to obtain the power of people whose brain he had eaten.

Bob (Dresden Files) 1WU
Legendary Creature - Spirit
Tap: Draw a card, then discard a card.
WU: Remove Bob from the game. At the end of turn, return Bob into play under its owner's control
As a condemned spirit who was cursed for eternity due to his practice of necromancy in his life, the obvious choice would be a black creature. However, he made it all for love (or passion) which is a red characteristic. Well, that was more than 400 years ago. Now Bob just trying to redeem himself and provides Dresden with hundreds of years of knowledge. Redemption = purification, which is white's attribute and knowledge is a blue attribute, making him a White and Blue creature.
The draw a card ability represents his knowledge while the blinking ability represents his ability to fades into and out of his physical skull. The shadow ability? Well, he cannot touch or be touched.

Malcolm Reynolds (Firefly) 1RR
Legendary Creature - Smuggler
R: Malcolm Reynolds deals 1 damage to target creature blocking or blocked by Malcolm Reynolds.
All other creatures you control gains +1/+0
Everything about Captain Mal screams red. Let see, he doesn't follow the law, he got pissed off easily, and he is a war veteran. It doesn't get any more red than that. The pinging ability? I dunno. Represents his cowardice I guess. Avoid face-to-face combat. The pump represent his leadership.

Well, enough for now. I guess all other Gamer Malaya guys are AWOL. I promise my next post will be a real news or review. (Yeah right. when was the last time I kept my promise around here)

Update: May 19, 2007 8:16 PM

eD told me to add three more cards and he will make the photoshopping. So here goes.

Theodore Bagwell (Prison Break) 1WB
Legendary Creature - Human
Tap: Destroy target tapped creature
T-Bag is a black and white creature. The black part represents his greed and selfishness. The white part is more complicated. T-Bag believes that whatever thing that he do is right (i.e self-righteous) to a certain extent. He also was a head of a group of white supremacists which represents organization, another white attribute. Why does he onl destroy tapped creature? Since most of the victims he killed or attempted to kill usually offer little resistance (all the children he killed) or caught of guard (John Abruzzi)

Mr. Ecko (Lost) 1WW
Legendary Creature - Human Priest
W,Tap: Target creature you control gains protection from the color of your choice until end of turn
Mr. Ecko is a straight up white creature (righteousness, purity, redemption). Vigilance is just a way to represent his strength and the Mother of Rune ability is just a random priest-like ability.

Bender (Futurama) 2B
Legendary Creature - Robot
First Strike
Bender is indestructible
Bender is a black creature due to his selfishness, greed, and "kill all humans" nature. The first strike represents his ability to outstretch his arms, theorically attack first in a fight. The indestructibility? Well, even if you disasemble Bender, he will still be alive.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sins of a gamer shalt not suffer unto the Senators

Forgive me father for I have sin. I haven't been playing much new game in 2007. Forgive me for I have not played any of the God of War series. Forgive me for I am not l337 enough to beat Jade Empire early (the first game a dude named Ilya beat me to it). Forgive me for I have use a walkthrough for Disgaea. Forgive me for I never reached Hell in Diablo 2. Forgive me for Gamer Malaya had abandoned the "Black Project". Forgive me for I haven't bought any next gen console (PS3 sucks anyway. That's right. I said it). Forgive me for I have not open any Magic booster pack
since December 2006. Forgive me for I played Maple Story for a while (STFU. My brothers played the game and I got curious). Forgive me for I have not the reflex to be l337 in a fighting game.

So go on, Gamer Malaya members. Make your confessions here.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

17 hours gone

Dammit. I lost my 17 hours playing Disgaea (Yeah, it's an old game) the other day due to power failure. I only kept one save file due to insufficient memory card space. What really pissed me off is that the power went off for about ten seconds. Plus, I was skipping class that day and was feeling bored at home. That's why I played the game when said incident happened. Oh hell. It's a good game anyway. I'm catching up on those 17 hours. I'm on ten hours right now.