Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sins of a gamer shalt not suffer unto the Senators

Forgive me father for I have sin. I haven't been playing much new game in 2007. Forgive me for I have not played any of the God of War series. Forgive me for I am not l337 enough to beat Jade Empire early (the first game a dude named Ilya beat me to it). Forgive me for I have use a walkthrough for Disgaea. Forgive me for I never reached Hell in Diablo 2. Forgive me for Gamer Malaya had abandoned the "Black Project". Forgive me for I haven't bought any next gen console (PS3 sucks anyway. That's right. I said it). Forgive me for I have not open any Magic booster pack
since December 2006. Forgive me for I played Maple Story for a while (STFU. My brothers played the game and I got curious). Forgive me for I have not the reflex to be l337 in a fighting game.

So go on, Gamer Malaya members. Make your confessions here.

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