Monday, August 06, 2007

E3 - Dirt

Guess who's back? Here's the clue. it starts with an "r" and ends with "exxdelarocha". I'm still retired from gaming. But it's kinda like Dr M's retirement from politics. In other words, I still follow the gaming world. Well, sort of.

Anyway, today I went to Lowyat, following my friend who bought a new PC. I was sitting in front of C-Zone when I saw this sick preview. By sick, I mean, fucking awesome.

Then I realised that E3 just finished. Almost a month now. Usually my source of gaming news is EGM. Since I haven't bought a copy of EGM in a few months, no wonder that I didn't about E3 2007. Anyway, here's the E3 video for Dirt (should look better on HD):

There. I just kicked start this dying blog.

Update: My bad. This game's already released even before E3. Just saw the video at Lowyat and assumed it's not out yet. Well, the next post will really be about E3 then.

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