Sunday, September 30, 2007

Garruk B. Goode

Lorwyn prerelease is over. I gotta say, I kinda hate the format. Too slow. Just ask Cannavaro. He got three draws out of four matches on yesterday's prerelease. The players were just sitting down, gathering their creatures while waiting for the rare bombs such as the incarnations or planewalkers.

Anyway, I cracked open two Mad Auntie yesterday that pushed me into goblin deck. However, the card that interests me the most is Colfenor's Plans. My inner Johnny screamed in joy when I cracked open the pack and saw the card. I put the card into the deck just for the hell of it. All of the players that I played against were shocked to see the card and commented on the drawbacks of the card. Of course, these net-deckers will put four copies of this card once every pro players put them in their decks. Anyway, Colfenor's Plan is a different story. Let's talk about the best (or second best) planeswalker in the set.

Meet Garruk Wildspeaker

What I'm gonna do now is dedicate this song to this broken card

Not in Dominaria but the plane Lorwyn,
Way back up in the woods among the evergreens,

There stood an log cabin made of earth and wood,

Where lived a planeswalker named Garruk B. Goode,

Who never ever learned to read or write so well,

But he could ride a beast token like a-ringing a bell.

Go, go! Go, Garruk, go, go!

Go, Garruk, go, go!

Go, Garruk, go, go!

Go, Garruk, go, go!

Garruk B. Goode!

He used to carry his big axe in a gunny sack;

Go sit beneath the tree by the boggart's pack.

Oh the goblins would see him sitting in the shade;

Calling beast tokens to crush the whole village

The kithkins passing by they would stop and say,

"Oh my, but that little planeswalker could kill!"

Go, go! Go, Garruk, go, go!

Go, Garruk, go, go!

Go, Garruk, go, go!

Go, Garruk, go, go!

Garruk B. Goode!

His mother told him, "Someday you will be a man,

And you will be the leader of a big old band.

Many elves coming from miles around,

To hear you play your beasts crushing them all down.

Maybe some day your name will be in lights,

Screaming 'Garruk B. Goode Tonight'!"

Go, go! Go, Garruk, go, go!

Go, Garruk, go, go!

Go, Garruk, go, go!

Go, Garruk, go, go!

Garruk B. Goode!

Based on this song by the father of Rock & Roll:

Johnny B. Goode - Chuck Berry

Friday, September 21, 2007

Chug It

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Gothic. Best. RPG. Ever. IMHO :)

Seriously I don't understand why my fellows Gamer Malaya don't play Gothic. May I say that the game kicked Oblivion's ass many times over and the fact is that I was a strong supporter of Oblivion once (ok, I have to confess that I would probably play the next Elder Scroll game anyway). The game stood in balance between open ended and scripted elements and there is so much thing to do and so much quests in between.

Sure, the combat was a little too simple, the voice overs were cheesy (european games. you have to understand) and the storyline was not that great but the weaknesses was overcome by the sense of RPG fulfillment of playing the game. The quest are numerous and smartly scripted so that you won't feel lost after completing certain quests.

You can learn blacksmith and make weapons, gather herbs and learn alchemy to create your potions, learn hunting and gather animal's body parts to make other things related to those other skills. You can play as mage and learn magics (pretty standard stuffs) or concentrate on thieving skills to play stealthy and dirty. In short, in term of skill system, it was WoW before WoW.

In every Gothic game (3 have been produced so far) you were always be given the choice of which faction that you want attach yourselves with. In Gothic the first, you can start with any 3 of the factions given. Gothic 2, again you have to join one of the 3 given factions and in both games, however drifted apart you found yourself while playing the game, you will always return to a common storyline which ended in basically a rather "happy" ending. Gothic 3 was a little bit different. This time you were given the choice of 2 factions, which will then lead to 3 separate endings (ok, I was just starting to play the game. to whomever played the game as well, I am now doing some quests at the rebel hideout of Okara by the time this article is written).

JoWood didn't pay me to write a review of the game. Pyranha Bytes didn't coerced me into writing this article. I just feel it's a waste of a good RPG game if my RPG pals don't play this game. It's a good game. It's a good RPG game since...I don't know, Planescape: Torment, maybe? IMHO, that is...

Wikipedia's article on Gothic series of games:- Gothic Gothic II Gothic III

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Watch The Guild

I know i haven't post in a while, so let me start things of with a video or two. Lately, i've been watching the Guild, a webpisodes about 5 mmorpg players, each with their own unique personality. Felicia Day (or we know her as Vi from Buffy, the vampire slayer) plays as Codex, the Priest, or the Healer, i think. However, Zaboo is quite an interesting character. Annoying but interesting. Can't wait for further episodes, and i wish it was more than 3 minutes.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Gamer Reborn? More like Return of a Gamer...

My brother just bought a new PC. Utilizing a Core2-Duo processor, plus 2GB of RAM and Nvidia 8600GT graphic card, I felt like a gamer reborn. Already I've installed C&C: Tiberium Wars, S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl, F.E.A.R, Rainbow Six Las Vegas, Gothic 3 and playing them in turns, depending on my mood, that is. But anyway, time still poses a problem but I'll get around that as I usually do. Maybe if I got some extra time, I'll do a review of each one of them. But then again, I could just link to Gamespot or better; you all can take a look by yourself right?

P.S - C&C: Tiberium Wars kick ass! It's like playing the first C&C in 1996 all over again...

Monday, September 03, 2007

Good Evening, Mr. Thompson

So what are you up to nowadays, Mr. Thompson? No more video games to bash? I'm sure there's a lot of M-rated video games out there you can talk about. Or is your knowledge only limited to games created by Rockstar only? You sure are quiet nowadays. Don't worry. We're pretty sure we'll hear you again this holiday season.

Everything you said is the truth. Many people became serial killer after playing Grand Theft Auto. And look at the amount of car-jacking around the world. Sure is a lot. Not to mention people launching their vehicles to the air and landed on the other side of the river. Or people piloting helicopter and cut people off using the blade. Last, but not least, the people that high-jacked an army tank and go on a rampage in the middle of metropolis. Let's blame GTA for teaching people those things.

How about the people that go around masturbating to The Sims 2? I mean, you said so yourself that there is a nude code in the game. How dare EA. How dare they put nudity in a T-rated game. Now people who played the game turned out to be rapists.

I've got some suggestions for you, Mr. Thompson. Let's blame Mario. Yeah, Mario had been telling people to step on turtles since the dawn of video games. Let's get those PETA assholes to support you in bringing down Mario. Mario also taught kids to break random bricks they saw. Who knows that there's some money inside the bricks.

What else can we blame? How about all RPGs. Yeah, RPG taught people to kill any random critters they found all over the places in order to "reach level 99". Poor little bunny got killed by a fireball.

Well, we hope from you soon, Mr. Thompson. Good luck on your war against video games. Fucker.

Evil RPG Gaming Table

The Evil RPG Gaming Group #12

I've been using Stripgenerator for more than a month now. Just a few days ago, I found one stripper that wrote a strip that's relevant to Gamer Malaya. Check out the Evil RPG Gaming Table by Evilbeeker.

There's a lot of strips that do jokes about gaming in stripgenerator but so far, this guy's is the funniest. And he devotes his strip to tabletop gaming. So if you are looking for some other comics to read, (other than the ones that listed on our sidebar) check out Evilbeeker's strip. (and of course, check out mine as well, bitch :P)