Monday, September 03, 2007

Good Evening, Mr. Thompson

So what are you up to nowadays, Mr. Thompson? No more video games to bash? I'm sure there's a lot of M-rated video games out there you can talk about. Or is your knowledge only limited to games created by Rockstar only? You sure are quiet nowadays. Don't worry. We're pretty sure we'll hear you again this holiday season.

Everything you said is the truth. Many people became serial killer after playing Grand Theft Auto. And look at the amount of car-jacking around the world. Sure is a lot. Not to mention people launching their vehicles to the air and landed on the other side of the river. Or people piloting helicopter and cut people off using the blade. Last, but not least, the people that high-jacked an army tank and go on a rampage in the middle of metropolis. Let's blame GTA for teaching people those things.

How about the people that go around masturbating to The Sims 2? I mean, you said so yourself that there is a nude code in the game. How dare EA. How dare they put nudity in a T-rated game. Now people who played the game turned out to be rapists.

I've got some suggestions for you, Mr. Thompson. Let's blame Mario. Yeah, Mario had been telling people to step on turtles since the dawn of video games. Let's get those PETA assholes to support you in bringing down Mario. Mario also taught kids to break random bricks they saw. Who knows that there's some money inside the bricks.

What else can we blame? How about all RPGs. Yeah, RPG taught people to kill any random critters they found all over the places in order to "reach level 99". Poor little bunny got killed by a fireball.

Well, we hope from you soon, Mr. Thompson. Good luck on your war against video games. Fucker.

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