Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I'm an addict

There's a lady who's sure, all that glitters is gold
And she's buying a gateway to Oblivion
When she gets there she knows, if the stores are all closed
With a word she can get what she came for

I'm playing Oblivion again. Seriously, this is really bad. I think I've spent more than 200 hours into this game. What can I say? It's just too addictive. Just ask DeKach or not-so-slim-shady. The truth is, even after 200+ hours of playing (multiple time, of course), I've never bothered to finish the main quest yet. Those 200 hours are just from side quest and random acts. That's how big the game is.

So sometime last week, after about four months sober, I installed Oblivion again. This time, I'm really going to finish the main quest. But not before finishing the quests for the five main guilds. First night playing, I'm already the Arena Grand Champion. Now I'm halfway from becoming Gray Fox.

You know how in the United States that smokers can sue cigarette companies for their cancer, or fat people suing McDonald's for getting fat? Can I sue Bethesda for my addiction to Oblivion? I've played more Oblivion than all the Final Fantasy combined. Okay, maybe not but I'm getting there.

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