Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Combo Stopper

Okay, here's the deal. There's been a lack of updates around here. The truth is, the gaming spirit inside me is fading away. I guess I'm just getting old. Even eD has started to call me pakcik. (Damn kids, get your filthy videogames off my lawn). So, to keep this blog alive, instead of blogging on new stuffs and news of upcoming games, I'll do what I do best. Telling stories. Asides from some old posts about GTA, I've never really share any personal experience regarding my gaming skill (or lack of). So let's start off with something then. Can I get a hell yeah?? No? Hurmm? Just one guy, fair enough.

*cough cough*

Back in the days before I even own a Playstation, we all used to hang out at the house of Gamer Malaya's own Rezz. Almost every single day. My Genesis just died around that time so I needed my gaming fix so badly. Luckily, it was around that time also I became good friend with Rezz. So what was in the beginning started off as, "hey, wanna play Tekken after school?" became an everyday routine. Who was there every evening? From Gamer Malaya: Me, eD, Rezz, azrul_xp, and occasionally not-so-slim shady. Other than that, we have a guy named Fahmi, Imran and Shahril.

You see, back then we were just noobs. Rezz had more than a year head start into Tekken 3 ahead of us before we made Tekken 3 our official routine everyday. In addition to that, he only ever used Paul fucking Phoenix. Needless to say, we got owned... a lot. Then me and azrul_xp came up with a solution: the combo stopper.

Let's step aside for a while. Let's talk a bit about Fahmi's behaviour in fighting game. I don't know how he is right now, but back then, he was what gamers called "a turtle". He blocks all the time and waits for an opening before hitting his combo. Now, if you play Tekken, you'll realise that Paul Phoenix has a short delay time for his unblockables. Short enough that most of the time, Fahmi just stood there blocking, and take a full hit from the Phoenix punch.

At first, it was really funny whenever Fahmi blocked his way to doomsday. Then, occasionally, each of us fell victim to the punch. The real problem wasn't actually the punch itself but the combos that will follow. We started to bitch whenever he used the punch. That's when me and azrul_xp came up with the combo stopper. the thing that can stop the Phoenix punch. Or what we called: "Gaahh!!" (followed by pressing the buttons) So what was it? Press start and select together. A.K.A the light reset. pressing start and select will bring you back to title screen. This was our own way of protesting against Paul Phoenix. Man, that was hilarious whenever we pulled it off.

Of course, it didn't take us long to master the game. Soon after that, each of us mastered the pattern of Paul Phoenix's 10-hit strings and can block and counter Rezz's every move with ease. Of course, it still took a while for Fahmi to get off his turtling habit.

That's it for now. To Gamer Malaya guys. Write something, assholes. :P


Anonymous said...

bila nak kalah pakai 'soft reset'? erk!!! kejinya!!! hahaha...! :p~

**pasni kalo aku nak ajak korang main KOF aku kene cari cara nak rosakkan button 'Select'...hehehe!

rexxdelarocha said...

Ko anggap macam ni la. Kebencian kitorang kat Paul Phoenix tu sama macam kebencian ko kat Clark dgn Ralf.

Takpe. Kalo ko rosakkan button select, power button pun boleh gak. Hard reset.

Anonymous said...

ooo...kalo camtu xler benci sangat. aku sebenarnya benci lagi kat Choi, Chris & Orocho Chris. hahaha!

rexxdelarocha said...

ye la tu tak benci sangat. pasal lepas ariza dah tak immortal, kitorang rindu lak kat paul. so masing2 lak guna paul