Monday, November 19, 2007

Gasp! rexxdelarocha writes about WoW :-o

No, don't worry. eD has not taken over my willpower yet. And Blizzard sure as hell hasn't got my soul yet. Just posting some funny wow-related videos here. Even though for some reason eD told me not to post them here. Let's start now shall we?

For those of you who still have not realise by now, the WGA is currently on strike. So expect that all of your favourite TV shows ending mid-way through the season. Luckily, I've got a snippet from the next episode of Lost right here. Check it out:

Also, who didn't remember this scene from Pulp Fiction? It's not really my favourite scene from the movie, but I'll post it anyway:

Finally, a 300 trailer. Well, 300 Gnomes that is:

So what do Locke, Tarantino, and Leonidas have in common? They are all midgets.

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