Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

A Merry Bloody Christmas. Muahahaha

Monday, December 15, 2008

You know who's back?

Erm.. that god guy, Nachos? Khronos? Oh Kratos!! He's back. Live from Spike Video Games Awards. 

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Club Hero (With Multiplayer)

Club Hero: Guitar Hero For Douchebags -- powered by

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Prince of Darkness

No, not Arthas. The other Prince of Darkness

Monday, November 17, 2008

What Are We Playing?

Ed – Wrath of The Lich King of course. Or is it Wrath of The Long Kueues.  Aman’thul has just hit a 2k queues last weekend and people said it is normal. 

Al – It’s normal. Come to Latin Realms if you hate the queues. Hola mamacita~. 

Mad Cat – Fallout 3 . Fire ants. Die you annoying fire ants. 

Sh – World of Warcraft. My rogue have just hit 70. Weeee….Wait, what? The new level cap is 80? Noooooo……. 

Rexx – My PC doesn’t support new game no more. I’ve played Diablo 2 like a gazillion times. That’s it. I’m quitting. 

Azrael – Soul Calibur 4. Sorry Ed, I need to finish this game. But the DLC won’t let me. 

Mr. Horny – Wii is so fun. Lolz. Hey hot chick, come here and try this Wii Fit. Without your clothes on, of course.


I just took over from rexxdelarocha as one of the contributors for Gamer Malaya. He said that he left Gamer Malaya because he lost his passion for gaming. Anyway, I've started a new comic strip based on Gamer Malaya members over at my other blog. I'd post it here, but the size won't fit.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Heidi is doing what now?

Seriously, I didn't see this coming.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Talk Trash, Jedi/Sith Style

Monday, October 13, 2008

A Country Of My Own

A little while ago (okay, a long while ago), I used to play this web-based game called Nationstates. But it's been almost two years (I think) since I last checked into my country. For some reason, I remembered about it today. So I thought I'd check it out. Fortunately, I could resurrect the good old Sonarland.

I had quite a few nations in Nationstates but Sonarland is the only one I could remember. However I don't remember how did I used to run the nation. Left-Leaning College State is not how I remember it used to be. And I don't think I ran the country to obtain World Benchmark in civil rights. Although I do remember the Below Average political freedoms since I pretty much silenced all oppositions.

Oh well, now that I'm back, I'm turning it into an iron fist dictatorship. It's my way or the guillotine. All citizens shall tremble in fear as they watched His Assholeness walks down the street of Sonarland.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Let There Be Rock Band 2

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

It's been a while

I would love to say that the reason I've been neglecting this blog is because I'm too busing pwning n00bs. But truth be told, I haven't been playing games all that much anymore. Not even WoW. Although I did installed a Genesis emulator about two weeks ago and I've finished Shining Force 2 twice since (and I still memorised all the locations of the mithrils). I also have been playing Streets of Rage 3 over and over again. 

Why am I playing games from the last century? No reason. Just feeling a little retro.

Shining Force 2 is far from being the best RPG of all time and most people would say that Final Fight is way better than Streets of Rage. But if I go back to 1995-1996, SF2 and SoR3 are the two out of three games that I played almost every day. The third one being Mortal Kombat 2 (which doesn't age very well).

I'll be posting about these two games in the near future.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rock Band : LHC

Coming soon to a PC/Console near you..

Vocal - Azrael
Guitar - Mad Cat
Bass - Rexx De La Rocha
Drums - numLoQue

Monday, September 08, 2008

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Ten Commandments

Source: [CTRL+ALT+DEL]

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Soul Calibur IV is out

Well, according to here, Soul Calibur IV is out before the official release which is July 29. Heh, even I bought this game today. I guess street date isn't important afterall.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

You Rock!!

Here's the developers, rocking off to Van Halen's Hot For Teacher.

I got it bad alright. I'm hot for Guitar Hero World Tour. Go on and view other videos, I... I.. I have to change my pants.


In the end, there's Kratos

I've guessed it should come sooner or later. It's just a teaser video, so stay tuned fanboys.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Rock Band 2

I smell Foo.

Ion's Drum Rocker

So what's the catch? It will cost you $300, KA-CHING!!


Saturday, July 12, 2008

What If : Rock Band Malaysia

You know Rock Band is coming to Japan with their own localize version right? What if Rock Band is localize in Malaysia?

Rock Band Malaysia

Well, you could dream.. right?

Friday, July 11, 2008

Behold, Rock Band 2 Drums...

Well not really. That is just Ion's Rock Band 2 drums. The real stock Rock Band 2 drums however is pretty much like the old one, with a few additions such as velocity sensitive drum pad, and a metal reinforced pedal. However, you need to buy extra Cymbals if need you need one, because Harmonix wants all your cash.


Sunday, June 29, 2008

Diablo 3

I don't think it's safe here...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Meet Rexxie

Meet Rexxie. Or better known as Rexxdelarocha. Sounds familiar? Yeah, it does sound familiar. Anyway, one hour into SPORE Creature Creator, it seems I can't stop creating creatures. Try browsing for more creatures in YouTube, there's so many it's like the SPORE Creatures are invading the internet.

This is however is not the real game because simply it will only allow us to create creatures and test drive them into life. The real SPORE will be release on 7th September according to EA Singapore. So in the mean time, let's just watch how cute Rexxie dances. Aww... here Rexxie.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

When in Rome, roll like the Romans roll

Many of us geeks take great pride in the ability to recite the history of role-playing games based on the 20-sided die, but what about the history of the die itself? Apparently it predates the original Dungeons and Dragons by almost two millenia.

Christie's, auctioneer to the rich and famous, sold a glass d20 from Roman times. It was included in a collection of other antiquities that sold in 2003. The markings on the die don't appear to be either Arabic or Roman numerals, but it's probably a safe bet that it was used in a game of chance. As the auction catalog notes that several polyhedral dice are known from the Roman era, but remarks, " Modern scholarship has not yet established the game for which these dice were used."

Source: here

Next thing we know is that a long time ago, the Greeks have their own World of Olympus MMO and the pyramid is where the Pharaoh kept the server.

Monday, June 09, 2008

It finally happened


I started playing Guitar Hero sometime early this year ( or was it late last year?). And I started really playing on hard mode about a week ago. I'm telling you that the different between medium and hard is just fucking insane. It's like a totally new game. I five-starred Freebird on medium on regular basis but three-starred most of the songs in second tier of hard mode. Then I figured that it's gonna take me another lifetime to switch to expert mode.

Throug the Fire and Flames. When I first played this song, I thought some sort of sadistic bastard just put this in the game just to see how many chumps would fall victim to carpal tunnel. Immediately after the first try - which is during the end credit, so you can't "fail" this song - I decided that nobody - NOBODY - will 100% this song on expert.

I was wrong.

It finally happened. And I still cannot believe it. I was this close of wagering that I will sell my kidney away if someone beat 100% Through the Fire and Flames on expert. Luckily I didn't make that wager as just about a week ago, a mortal finally did just that. And who else better to do it than the Guinness World Record holder? Chris Chike doesn't just pwned Guitar Hero. He IS Guitar Hero.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Making Of : Guitar Hero's Drum

"Playing guitar, it's all great and everything but hitting stuff?
- Chad Smith, Red Hot Chilli Peppers"

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Are you ready for a world tour?

I had a grudge with Activision since a few months ago just because Activision would not let me use the Gibson (Guitar Hero) guitar with Rock Band. But now, all of that negative feelings and hatred towards Activision are gone with the announcement of the next guitar hero. No sir, it’s not about Guitar Hero Aerosmith. It’s Guitar Hero World Tour.

Not only you can play using the guitar, you can use the “more believable” drum kit and sing along using a microphone. I kid you not, this new drum even have two cymbals (or is it Hi-Hat?) It does look a little flimsy but hey, it’s almost a real drum kit.

Updated: GH World Tour debuted to the audience.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Racer X real identity

Spoiler alert! If you still haven't watch Speed Racer, it's better that you skip this post. But what the heck, that cartoon first run was in 1966, I guess you should know by now. The real identity of Racer X is....

Rexxdelarocha!! Could you see it? RacEr X? REX RACER? However, his real identity was exposed when he tried to sell his shorts for WoW Gamecard. Shame on you.

So, what does this got to do with games? Nothing, i'm just pissed off because Speed Racer (game) is not coming out on PS3. #@#$%&%#@!!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Rock On?

Get your guitar (keyboard?) ready. It's time to rock.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

eD, bring a gun

Man stabbed while waiting to buy GTA IV

Somewhere, someplace, some lawyer dude just had an orgasm.

Do Not Disturb. Carjacking in progress

Tuesday's release of Grand Theft Auto IV is expected to be so big, there's a real concern in Hollywood that the video game could dampen the box office for the May 2nd release of Iron Man.

With projected sales of $400 million in its first week alone, Rockstar Games' long-awaited sequel could set a precedent - one where Hollywood begins browsing video game release dates to check for conflicts.

"This will be the first major release in what is considered Hollywood's summer movie period, and if there's any title that could put a dent in box office for a major movie, it's Grand Theft Auto," says Victor Lucas, host and producer of TV's Electric Playground.

Source: here

So eD. Does that mean I have to kiss your ass in order to camp at your house, playing GTA?

And I wonder how empty the WoW server will be in the next cople of weeks?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

We Are n00bs

I'm doing a new strip at Stripgenerator right now. It's more or less, game-related. No promise of regular update though.

We Are n00bs I

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Learning from video games

It's Tuesday so that means only one thing - maintenance day. Just when I wanna catch up to DeKach's level. Anyway, being not able to play WoW, I guess I'll write something here.

eD and I were talking about cloning when I made a reference to Y: The Last Man and how we should get a monkey to save ourselves from the inevitable gendercide. From there, the conversations got to this point:

eD: u read comic too much
rexxdelarocha: i learn more from comic than anything else
eD: more tha game?
rexxdelarocha: hurmm
eD: aku bnyk blaja melalui Civ
rexxdelarocha: hard to decide
rexxdelarocha: good point
eD: kalau aku x main Civ, i dont think aku dpt pas sejarah
rexxdelarocha: civ is the real shit
rexxdelarocha: jom main civ 4 multiplayer

eD did make a good point. Although I don't really think that you could pass a history paper - Malaysian history paper - from playing Civilization. Although I'm pretty sure that I learned more about history from Civilization than any other sources. Seriously, the only thing that you learned from World War II in the school's history books are the Japanese occupations of Malaya. I don't think there's any mentioned of Stalingrad in the school's history book. (Then again, I barely passed my history paper. So I can't be too sure)

Anyway, should this post be about Civilization or just video games in general?

*flips coin*

Hmmm. I could write about how I learned English from numerous RPGs, maths from calculating the DPS of my character from WoW, the Greek mythologies from God of War, or how to rip out someone else's spine from Mortal Kombat. Er, scratch that last one. I don't wanna give Thompson or Lieberman (or even Hillary Clinton) any more ammo on their war on videogames.

For now, let's just do Civilization. There are many civilizations that I first heard of from the Civilization series. The Inca, Maya, Aztec, to name a few.

I also learned many historical events and discoveries from the game. Hell, I first heard of the space elevator from Civilization IV. Only about a year later did my lecturer told the class about the concept of space elevator.

There's also a ton of important people in the history from many different fields being included in the game. Besides, where else can you see William Shakespeare dresses up as Elvis Presley? Also, Rock & Roll is one of the Wonders Of The World (with the game playing Velvet Underground's Rock and Roll when you discovered Rock & Roll)

Also, Civilization, more specifically, Civilization IV is one of those games that includes religion into the gameplay. Other game that I could thing of right now is Medieval II: Total War (I didn't play the first one) where you could actually wage crusade/ jihad on territories of different religion. And don't worry, no Scientology in Civ IV. Speaking of Medieval II, believe it or not, I've never heard of The Black Plague before playing the game.

Religion in Civilization basically shows one thing. It's easy to make people hate you for having different faith. When you opened up the diplomacy tab, you can see that having a different religion will have more negative effects than any other reason.

So how about you? Do you learn more from video games than school?

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


I'm not really up-to-date when it comes to the gaming news. In fact, the only way I'd know what game is hot right now is by checking any references that are mention in the latest Ctrl-Alt-Del strip. That's it. I do not scour through gaming websites for news or buy any gaming magazines anymore. In fact, I haven't bought a single copy of EGM this year yet. This magazine used to be my bible.

Speaking of EGM, I keep stacks of my EGMs (after 2006) in the bathroom. So when I took a shit today, I grabbed one of them and started reading. Tom Clancy's EndWar is the featured article for that issue but somehow, I haven't read about it before.

Basically it's an RTS that focused on the tactical aspect of the strategy. To put it in a perspective, if the war on Iraq is for oil, then the tactical part is how you command the troops to get oil.

Also, (I think) the game won't be using the bird-eye sky view but a 3D view from your units, giving the perception of being in the battlefield yourself. Which means, you can only see what your units can see,

However, the part that interests me the most was the voice command features. Yes, you give orders to your troops by yelling into the mic. Just make sure that you don't freak out everyone around you when you yelled' "Alpha Team get THE FUCK INTO THAT BUILDING NOW!!" at 2 o'clock in the morning.

Voice command is not all that new. I've first heard of voice command in the game when they include it in SOCOM. Well, I'm not really a fan of RTS, least of all a console RTS, so I've never played SOCOM before. From what I heard, you can give many voice commands ("cover me", "Alpha to point A", etc) to the AI-controlled players when playing solo.

EndWar also includes around 40,000 lines of dialogs, with 9,000 of them are "unit chatters" which will give your troops their own personalities. It would be funny if you say "jump" they would actually say "how high".

Your troops will also gain experiences for each battle will react differently in the next battle by using their past experiences. If I'm not mistaken, the more experienced vets will start talking about their war stories. You can customize your troops in many different ways. Although, in these days, it is expected of a game to allow you some degrees of customizations of your digital self. Okay, that one maybe mostly cosmetics but gameplay-wise, there will be around 150 upgrades for each faction, as well as six levels of experience upgrades.

Oh, didn't I mentioned about the factions? Well, there are three - United States, Russia, and the European Federation (which is a giant country that originated from EU).

No release date is announced yet but at least there's this trailer:

"What's so civil about war, anyway?" -Axl Rose

Thursday, March 13, 2008

RPG Review: The Witcher (PC )

Ok, the reason I haven't posting for so long is that I've forgotten my username and also because I was busy playing with WoW and haven't had any idea to write about what (no doubt). Anyway, here's a brand new RPG; The Witcher.

This was taken from the Wikipedia (our salvation!) shamelessly :)


The game tells the story of Geralt the Witcher, who at the beginning of the game suffers from amnesia. He gradually learns that he's a very renowned witcher, and that he has had friends and enemies almost everywhere who remember him but whom he does not remember. Through the player's actions he will redefine those relationships and choose his path in the political intrigue that surrounds him.

Many parts of the plot actually depends on the choices of the player since non-linearity is one of the game mechanics which the developers tried to emphasize in The Witcher.


There are three camera styles available when playing The Witcher. The game can be played from one of two top-down perspectives, in which case the mouse is used to control everything, or it can be played from an over-the-shoulder view, which brings the player closer to the ingame combat, but limits visibility. In all the views the keyboard and mouse controls can be changed to be primarily mouse focused or a combined keyboard and mouse approach.

The combat system in The Witcher represents a departure from most RPGs. Players choose one of three fighting styles. The quick style allows for faster, less-damaging attacks with a greater chance of hitting faster enemies; the heavy style deals more damage in exchange for a slow attack speed, and a lower chance to hit faster enemies; and the group style, which features sweeping attacks best used if the player is surrounded. The player can switch between the styles at any point.

Each of these stances has its own unique combat style. Both of Gearalt's main swords - the steel and silver ones - have distinctively different combat styles from the rest of weaponry, and serve very distinct purposes: where the steel blade is used to fight humans and other flesh-and-blood beings, the silver one is more effective against supernatural monsters and beasts (against some of which steel may have no effect whatsoever).

Alchemy is a major part of gameplay. The player can create potions that increase health or endurance regeneration, allow Geralt to see in the dark, or provide other beneficial effects. The recipes for these potions can be learned through scrolls, or by experimentation. Once the player creates an unknown potion he can choose to drink it, but if the potion is a failure it will poison the character. Each time Geralt drinks potions they increase the toxicity level of his body. This can be reduced by drinking a special potion or by meditating at an inn or fireplace.

In addition to potions, the player can also create oils and bombs, respectively used to augment the damage done by weapons, or as weapons in combat. Neither can be created until talent points have been allocated into the corresponding skills.

A time delayed decision-consequence system means that the repercussions of players decisions will make themselves apparent up to 10 -15 hours later in the game. This prompts the players to put more critical thinking into making each decision, and circumvents a save-reload approach to decision making. It also allows the game to have a unique approach to replay value, as the consequences resulting from the player's decisions can lead to great difference in the events that take place later, and ultimately a very different gameplay experience than in the prior play-throughs.

The nature of the options faced when playing the game rarely falls into the typical black-and-white morality present in most regular computer RPGs, and the players often find themselves choosing from the lesser of two evils rather than making a clear choice between good and evil, a situation more reflective of real life morality.

Game engine, visualization and bla...bla...bla...

If you're a true RPGist, you wouldn't mind about the game's visualization but gamers today are more attracted by candy-laced graphics (:P) so there's no worry there, the game look splendid. If you don't believe me, never fear, the screenshots are here (sounds cliche er?)

So, it's on par with all the RPGs they churn out these days. Thats all folks...

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Greetings, mortals. Gamer Malaya is pretty dry nowadays, huh? If it's not about WoW, it's about Rock Band/ Guitar Hero. There's a lot more other games in the world, guys. Well, what do you expect? We're pretty much only play WoW nowadays.

I better stop talking about WoW now. Array is rolling his eyes already.

Now, I can't really talk about the current games in the market since I haven't really play any new games. I also haven't read any game-related news in a while now. So how about I talk about the gems from the past? This post is about Disgaea.

Disgaea 3 will be released later this year. I, however, still haven't finish the first one. I still have my 40-50 hours save game stored in the memory card. Finishing Disgaea is just an item in my "things to do before I die" list. Right after "constructing a death ray".

So what is Disgaea is all about?

Here is how the story began. You just woke up from two years of sleep only to find out that your father, the king of the Netherworld, has died. As the sole heir, you wanted to reclaim your rightful throne. But you are not the only one. Every single demon, including your vassals are aiming for the throne.

Being Satan is a lot of work. And the politics? The politics of the Netherworld is not much different from human politics. You have to get the senators' approvals for any proposals you make. you know, stuffs like cheaper or more expensive items at the very least. And how do you get the senators to vote for you? Well, bribing, of course. Get on the senators' good grace by bribing them. If they still reject your proposal, you can walk out, or persuade further. By persuade, I mean use force. Yes, draw your sword and fight the senators.

Now, let's talk about the battle. Well, if you're familiar with tactical RPG, learning curve for this game will not be that steep. Even if you're a tactical RPG virgin, it won't take more than an hour to learn the game.

Now, why is it that I still haven't finish this game after all this time? Let me give the big picture. A single battle can last about 10 minutes to as long as 40 minutes.

Now, let's talk about how to upgrade an item. You go inside the item, or the Item World. There, you must at least fight through 10 battles before you can leave. For each battle, the item will be upgraded by one level. Depending on the rarity of the items, an item can be upgraded until certain number of levels only.

Now, this might not look too bad if we're talking about only your weapons or armors. But, you can even upgrade consumables for God's sake. Level 10 candy bar anyone?

So, those are just the basics of the game. There's a lot more depth to it. And the dark humor is really funny.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Football + Parkour = Awesome

What is that all about? Football? Parkour? Oh it’s just a FIFA Street 3 commercial.

Monday, February 18, 2008

The Return of Johnny Magic

I haven't played Magic for quite a long time. Not since the Time Spiral. Okay, that seems not that long ago, but before Time Spiral, the last time I played Magic was Legions. I may never play Magic again in the foreseeable future but I still follow the events from time to time.

This past weekend was the Pro Tour - KL. The biggest Magic event (sans Invitationals) ever held in Malaysia. And what better way to kick off the 2008 with one of the best player in the history of Magic winning the tournament. No, not Kai Budde. Jon Finkel had just made a comeback.

I don't know much about Magic. Not the recent events, that is. However, back in the days, when you mentioned best player, it will always be Jon Finkel or Kai Budde. And that very same Jon Finkel just won PT - KL.

The Finkeltron is back.

Read the full story here.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Darkly Dreaming Rexxter

This is an entry that is usually being posted on my other blog but since this one is game-related, you guessed it, I'm posting it here. It's called Darkly Dreaming Rexxter. This is where I tell a dream that I had.

First thing first, as being posted before, I had succumbed to eD's (and DeKach's) nagging and am now officially a WoW-addict. How addicted? Well, let's begin with today's Darkly Dreaming Rexxter to see just how addicted I am.

So, I was sitting down at a train station. From the look of it, I'm guessing it's the Subang Jaya train station. I was wearing earphones. And the fucking Stormwind theme was playing. I could also see some squirrels around the building. Then I got an SMS from eD.

"check ur mail"

So I got my ass up, went out of the station, and conveniently there was a mailbox in the middle of the road. There were a raptor egg and a bear meat along with a parchment which I did not bother to read. I cracked the egg, and for some reason, there was fucking broadsword in there.

"Woi," I heard eD's voice from the distance. I saw him walking down with an axe in his hand. "Jom masuk instance." So I followed him towards the dungeon. The dungeon called Carrefour's basement parking. At the entrance there stood Ariza with a huge yellow exclamation mark floating over his head. eD did some talking while I swung my sword at an innocent squirrel. Then the exclamation mark turned silver. That meant that eD had taken a quest from Ariza. So off into the basement carpark we sent.

A few steps into the carpark and I saw a huge dragon thrashing around.

"Go tank," eD said to me. "Fuck no," I said. While we were arguing over who should be the tank, the dragon spat out a fireball right at my face. I was on fire. Literally. So I slapped around, trying to put off the fire. And one slap later, I woke up from the sleep.

"What the fuck?" I said almost out loud. I guess there's such thing as too much gaming for me.

Damn it eD. Look at what you've done to me.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

And Justice For All

C'mon. Aren't you getting excited watching this? Next up, Gamer Malaya, the Rock Band. (Warning : The game may make you believe you can actually can play a musical instrument.)

Gamer Malaya, The Guild

So I've been thinking, if WoW Insider have their own guild, maybe Gamer Malaya should too. And after a few hours begging, whoring and paying for signatures, the Gamer Malaya guild is born. Proudly an Alliance guild based on Aman'thul, we're just casual players (well, for me) and some of us have obligation to our real guild. If you have an alt for questing and grinding, might be a good idea to join us and have fun while leveling.
The Guild Tabard is kinda normal looking, though i have no idea what that logo is. Kinda abstract to me, isn't it? Is it an ant? Or it could be an Owl? Or maybe some crazy space invaders? What do you think guys? Do we need to change our tabard?

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Born again gamer

For months, eD and DeKach have been persuading me to play WoW. For months, I have resisted. Until today. Why? eD just made me an offer that I couldn't refuse. What is it? Pretty much anything. At the expense of my soul. I'm pretty much eD's bitch now. On the bright side, at least I'm not John Romero's bitch.

Maybe one day, this thing will be a reality.

So it looks like that 2008 will officially be the year that I will come back to the gaming world. I'm playing Guitar Hero pretty much everyday now (only a matter of time before I switch to expert mode). And now, WoW is calling.

Anyone up for Rock Band? Azrul? Ilya?

Friday, January 25, 2008


Winter-Een-Mas is here. Continue gaming for the sake of mankind :D

Sunday, January 20, 2008

1337 Alert: Guitar Hero III

Through The Fire And Flames. The hardest song ever in the history of Guitar Hero. Casual players need not apply.

I've never seen anyone do 100% on this song yet, but this guy is definitely the best I've seen yet. Insane.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Top 10: Songs I Wish were in Guitar Hero

This is actually a weekly entry from my other blog. However, since this one is game related, I'll post it here.

So the category for today, is the Top 10 Songs I wish were in Guitar Hero:

10. Live Wire - AC/DC
Come on, not even a single AC/DC song in any of the Guitar Heroes?

9. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath - Black Sabbath
I really love this song. The only reason that it's so low on the list is because Sabbath already had their songs on all three Guitar Heroes games.

8. November Rain - Guns N' Roses

7. Johnny B. Goode - Chuck Berry
Without this song, there will be no game called "Legends Of Rock".

6. Jeremy - Pearl Jam

5. London Calling - The Clash

4. Children Of The Damned - Iron Maiden
This one is on the list because this is the first Iron Maiden's song I've ever listened to.

3. Master Of Puppets - Metallica

2. Kashmir - Led Zeppelin
Actually, any of Zeppelin's song will do. This game really needs Led Zeppelin.

And the number one spot goes to..






1. For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) - AC/DC
Yes, I want AC/DC to be in this game so much that I listed them twice on the list.

Also, they should make Angus Young as one of the bosses for Guitar Battle. The final boss even. Since he is pretty much the devil himself :P

That's it for today's Top 10 List. Next week this segment will return to my other blog. Well, unless it's about gaming.

Happy winter-een-mas everyone.

Monday, January 14, 2008

May the force be with you

Omg!! The Dark Lord has return. Nope, it’s not a Star Wars game. It’s Soul Calibur. Not only that, even Yoda will make an appearance in the game. The downside of this is Yoda is only available for the 360 version of the game while Mr V is in the PS3 version of the game. My my, a classic battle between good and evil. I’m tempted to join the Dark Side.

Here's a video to that breaking news:

Friday, January 11, 2008


Damn you Ilya. I was about to sleep just now, even turning off my light when the little prick buzzed me over the Yahoo IM. Five minutes later, I'm searching back for my KotOR now that he seduced me with the power of the dark side.

Oh, and asshole, don't blame me if I didn't finish the screenplay. You made me do this. :P

Bastila, we'll meet again...

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Human Tetris