Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Gamer Malaya, The Guild

So I've been thinking, if WoW Insider have their own guild, maybe Gamer Malaya should too. And after a few hours begging, whoring and paying for signatures, the Gamer Malaya guild is born. Proudly an Alliance guild based on Aman'thul, we're just casual players (well, for me) and some of us have obligation to our real guild. If you have an alt for questing and grinding, might be a good idea to join us and have fun while leveling.
The Guild Tabard is kinda normal looking, though i have no idea what that logo is. Kinda abstract to me, isn't it? Is it an ant? Or it could be an Owl? Or maybe some crazy space invaders? What do you think guys? Do we need to change our tabard?

1 comment:

rexxdelarocha said...

Awww... It's a baby metroid