Monday, January 14, 2008

May the force be with you

Omg!! The Dark Lord has return. Nope, it’s not a Star Wars game. It’s Soul Calibur. Not only that, even Yoda will make an appearance in the game. The downside of this is Yoda is only available for the 360 version of the game while Mr V is in the PS3 version of the game. My my, a classic battle between good and evil. I’m tempted to join the Dark Side.

Here's a video to that breaking news:


rexxdelarocha said...

bad mistake i think. exclusive character for each console. takleh main yoda vs vader. mcm dulu takleh main heihachi lawan spawn

47 said...

Bloody excellent! I've always loved fighting games by Namco. Tekken is my favorite! Soul calibur is good too, it has style.

I'd usually pick Mitsurugi or Raphael. Now, since Darth Vader and Yoda are made available. Who knows..maybe I'll pick the Dark Lord all the time when I'm playing haha

It'd be great if Darth Vader can let out a lightning surge or at least choke the opponent using the force while fighting.