Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Darkly Dreaming Rexxter

This is an entry that is usually being posted on my other blog but since this one is game-related, you guessed it, I'm posting it here. It's called Darkly Dreaming Rexxter. This is where I tell a dream that I had.

First thing first, as being posted before, I had succumbed to eD's (and DeKach's) nagging and am now officially a WoW-addict. How addicted? Well, let's begin with today's Darkly Dreaming Rexxter to see just how addicted I am.

So, I was sitting down at a train station. From the look of it, I'm guessing it's the Subang Jaya train station. I was wearing earphones. And the fucking Stormwind theme was playing. I could also see some squirrels around the building. Then I got an SMS from eD.

"check ur mail"

So I got my ass up, went out of the station, and conveniently there was a mailbox in the middle of the road. There were a raptor egg and a bear meat along with a parchment which I did not bother to read. I cracked the egg, and for some reason, there was fucking broadsword in there.

"Woi," I heard eD's voice from the distance. I saw him walking down with an axe in his hand. "Jom masuk instance." So I followed him towards the dungeon. The dungeon called Carrefour's basement parking. At the entrance there stood Ariza with a huge yellow exclamation mark floating over his head. eD did some talking while I swung my sword at an innocent squirrel. Then the exclamation mark turned silver. That meant that eD had taken a quest from Ariza. So off into the basement carpark we sent.

A few steps into the carpark and I saw a huge dragon thrashing around.

"Go tank," eD said to me. "Fuck no," I said. While we were arguing over who should be the tank, the dragon spat out a fireball right at my face. I was on fire. Literally. So I slapped around, trying to put off the fire. And one slap later, I woke up from the sleep.

"What the fuck?" I said almost out loud. I guess there's such thing as too much gaming for me.

Damn it eD. Look at what you've done to me.

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