Monday, February 18, 2008

The Return of Johnny Magic

I haven't played Magic for quite a long time. Not since the Time Spiral. Okay, that seems not that long ago, but before Time Spiral, the last time I played Magic was Legions. I may never play Magic again in the foreseeable future but I still follow the events from time to time.

This past weekend was the Pro Tour - KL. The biggest Magic event (sans Invitationals) ever held in Malaysia. And what better way to kick off the 2008 with one of the best player in the history of Magic winning the tournament. No, not Kai Budde. Jon Finkel had just made a comeback.

I don't know much about Magic. Not the recent events, that is. However, back in the days, when you mentioned best player, it will always be Jon Finkel or Kai Budde. And that very same Jon Finkel just won PT - KL.

The Finkeltron is back.

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