Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Learning from video games

It's Tuesday so that means only one thing - maintenance day. Just when I wanna catch up to DeKach's level. Anyway, being not able to play WoW, I guess I'll write something here.

eD and I were talking about cloning when I made a reference to Y: The Last Man and how we should get a monkey to save ourselves from the inevitable gendercide. From there, the conversations got to this point:

eD: u read comic too much
rexxdelarocha: i learn more from comic than anything else
eD: more tha game?
rexxdelarocha: hurmm
eD: aku bnyk blaja melalui Civ
rexxdelarocha: hard to decide
rexxdelarocha: good point
eD: kalau aku x main Civ, i dont think aku dpt pas sejarah
rexxdelarocha: civ is the real shit
rexxdelarocha: jom main civ 4 multiplayer

eD did make a good point. Although I don't really think that you could pass a history paper - Malaysian history paper - from playing Civilization. Although I'm pretty sure that I learned more about history from Civilization than any other sources. Seriously, the only thing that you learned from World War II in the school's history books are the Japanese occupations of Malaya. I don't think there's any mentioned of Stalingrad in the school's history book. (Then again, I barely passed my history paper. So I can't be too sure)

Anyway, should this post be about Civilization or just video games in general?

*flips coin*

Hmmm. I could write about how I learned English from numerous RPGs, maths from calculating the DPS of my character from WoW, the Greek mythologies from God of War, or how to rip out someone else's spine from Mortal Kombat. Er, scratch that last one. I don't wanna give Thompson or Lieberman (or even Hillary Clinton) any more ammo on their war on videogames.

For now, let's just do Civilization. There are many civilizations that I first heard of from the Civilization series. The Inca, Maya, Aztec, to name a few.

I also learned many historical events and discoveries from the game. Hell, I first heard of the space elevator from Civilization IV. Only about a year later did my lecturer told the class about the concept of space elevator.

There's also a ton of important people in the history from many different fields being included in the game. Besides, where else can you see William Shakespeare dresses up as Elvis Presley? Also, Rock & Roll is one of the Wonders Of The World (with the game playing Velvet Underground's Rock and Roll when you discovered Rock & Roll)

Also, Civilization, more specifically, Civilization IV is one of those games that includes religion into the gameplay. Other game that I could thing of right now is Medieval II: Total War (I didn't play the first one) where you could actually wage crusade/ jihad on territories of different religion. And don't worry, no Scientology in Civ IV. Speaking of Medieval II, believe it or not, I've never heard of The Black Plague before playing the game.

Religion in Civilization basically shows one thing. It's easy to make people hate you for having different faith. When you opened up the diplomacy tab, you can see that having a different religion will have more negative effects than any other reason.

So how about you? Do you learn more from video games than school?

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