Monday, June 09, 2008

It finally happened


I started playing Guitar Hero sometime early this year ( or was it late last year?). And I started really playing on hard mode about a week ago. I'm telling you that the different between medium and hard is just fucking insane. It's like a totally new game. I five-starred Freebird on medium on regular basis but three-starred most of the songs in second tier of hard mode. Then I figured that it's gonna take me another lifetime to switch to expert mode.

Throug the Fire and Flames. When I first played this song, I thought some sort of sadistic bastard just put this in the game just to see how many chumps would fall victim to carpal tunnel. Immediately after the first try - which is during the end credit, so you can't "fail" this song - I decided that nobody - NOBODY - will 100% this song on expert.

I was wrong.

It finally happened. And I still cannot believe it. I was this close of wagering that I will sell my kidney away if someone beat 100% Through the Fire and Flames on expert. Luckily I didn't make that wager as just about a week ago, a mortal finally did just that. And who else better to do it than the Guinness World Record holder? Chris Chike doesn't just pwned Guitar Hero. He IS Guitar Hero.

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