Monday, October 13, 2008

A Country Of My Own

A little while ago (okay, a long while ago), I used to play this web-based game called Nationstates. But it's been almost two years (I think) since I last checked into my country. For some reason, I remembered about it today. So I thought I'd check it out. Fortunately, I could resurrect the good old Sonarland.

I had quite a few nations in Nationstates but Sonarland is the only one I could remember. However I don't remember how did I used to run the nation. Left-Leaning College State is not how I remember it used to be. And I don't think I ran the country to obtain World Benchmark in civil rights. Although I do remember the Below Average political freedoms since I pretty much silenced all oppositions.

Oh well, now that I'm back, I'm turning it into an iron fist dictatorship. It's my way or the guillotine. All citizens shall tremble in fear as they watched His Assholeness walks down the street of Sonarland.

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