Monday, November 17, 2008

What Are We Playing?

Ed – Wrath of The Lich King of course. Or is it Wrath of The Long Kueues.  Aman’thul has just hit a 2k queues last weekend and people said it is normal. 

Al – It’s normal. Come to Latin Realms if you hate the queues. Hola mamacita~. 

Mad Cat – Fallout 3 . Fire ants. Die you annoying fire ants. 

Sh – World of Warcraft. My rogue have just hit 70. Weeee….Wait, what? The new level cap is 80? Noooooo……. 

Rexx – My PC doesn’t support new game no more. I’ve played Diablo 2 like a gazillion times. That’s it. I’m quitting. 

Azrael – Soul Calibur 4. Sorry Ed, I need to finish this game. But the DLC won’t let me. 

Mr. Horny – Wii is so fun. Lolz. Hey hot chick, come here and try this Wii Fit. Without your clothes on, of course.


Rexxarro said...

Skynet - Destroy all humans

Ed Numloque said...

skynet is not associated with gamer malaya.
or do they?

Doughlicious Cafe said...

tanggal 22/11/2008, aku telah mempunyai WOTLK. tahniah :)

p.s- by the way, gamer malayalah yang telah mengasaskan Skynet. seperti yang tercatat dalam Hikayat Sarah Connor...