Friday, April 17, 2009

What Are We Playing - April Edition

eD – I’m a little busy over the weekends but I manage to sneak in a lil bit especially after World of Warcraft Patch 3.1. Ulduar anyone?

Sheentj – Shh.. don’t tell eD I took his iPhone. Having an excellent time with iPhone games (iBowl, Crash Bandicoot Kart.. etc..) Too bad we don’t have Metal Gear Solid in Malaysia iTunes store.

Rexxdelarocha – Hell yeah, I’ve finally bought Wrath. But I’m gonna powerlevel my level 55 druid to 80 first. Resto 4 life, baby.

Al – What took you so long Rexx? My Shaman has just reached 80 and he’s now looking for an all-hardcore raiding guild. Well, maybe not too hardcore.

Mr. Horny (aka Bomoh Jawa) – Wassup b*tches. Oops.. too harsh. While I’m away (offshore), I have all the time with sexy Sheba (RE5) but now that I’m home,  I’m spending my time with the missus. Catcha later, hommies.

Mad Cat – Boom! Headshot! I’m all about Killzone 2 multiplayer. I’m gonna have a good time killing u guys. Muahahaha.

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