Friday, May 15, 2009

What Are We Playing – May Edition

eD – I’m taking a break from WoW. That’s why you don’t see me online for awhile. But I’m not taking a break from games. Warhammer’s next big patch is coming up so I’m grinding my slayer all the way to the end game. Da shame

Sheentj – Well, I’m not taking a break. Sorta. My graphic card just went crazy in the middle of month. Sigh. Paycheck, please come early this month. Pretty please.

Azrulxp –I’m on a top secret project. Shh!! What you’re on Battlefield Heroes Beta too? Oh deym. Anyway, if you got old consoles to give/sell, give me a holla at

Rex-Boo~ Shame on you Empire Total War for not running on a low end pc like mine. Oh what the heck, I guess I'll keep on playing Medieval.

BomohJawa - ….

Al - Somewhere in Ulduar. Wheeeee~

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